Understanding Paint Recycling

When you make some improvements to your home, you will likely want to do some painting. Of course, when you are finished, you are likely going to have a bit of the paint left. In the past, people would pour the paint down the drain, or onto the lawn and then use the hose to get rid of it. Today we know that doing so is harmful to the environment, and we need to have a better way of paint recycling.

In San Diego there are now many options for proper disposal of paint.  Check out our article on paint recycling opportunities HERE.


All Types of Paint are Hazardous

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Paint contains many hazardous ingredients, as do paint thinners. Whether you are using oil-based paint or latex paint, you still need to make sure that you recycle the paint properly.

To reduce the amount that you have to recycle, make sure that you only buy as much paint as you need for the project. You can give the leftover paint to neighbors or friends who are painting and using the same color. When you still have paint left in the can, make sure that you take it to a hazardous recycling center. They will be able to dispose of the paint properly and safely without damaging the environment.

With latex paint, it’s possible for recycling facilities to recombine the old paint with new. They may also provide the paint to manufacturing facilities that will use as a pigment additive.

What About Paint Cans?

Another aspect of paint recycling that many people don’t consider is the paint cans. Once you use up all of the paint in the can, you will still need to recycle the can. Leave the lid off so that the paint dries up. Once the can is dry, you will be able to recycle it as scrap metal through a local facility. However, you don’t want to place it in the regular recycling bin, because it will still have the dry paint on it, and it’s not a food grade material.

Alphabetical List of Paint Recycling Items: