Glass Recycling is 100% Sustainable

Glass is an amazing creation, and we use it each day, although many people don’t really appreciate just how much glass is a part of their lives. Beverage bottles and the windows your the home and the automobile are just a few of the different uses for glass that you are likely to notice. Because glass is so common, it means that there is a lot of it. Unfortunately, quite a bit of glass finds its way into landfills, when instead it should go through the recycling process.

Glass Recycling is Good for the Environment

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When a piece of glass is in a landfill, it will take countless lifetimes to decompose. This takes up too much space, and it’s far easier simply to recycle the glass. Best of all, the material is sustainable, and it’s possible to recycle the same piece of glass repeatedly, and it will always be pure. Glass recycling also saves raw materials used in the construction of new class, such as sand and limestone. Making new glass also takes a lot more energy than simply recycling glass.

Start Recycling Glass

Recycling glass is just as simple as recycling aluminum and other materials. Many communities have recycling bins available for home use, as well as trash bins. The bins for recycling can often accept paper, cardboard, glass, and other commonly recycled materials. By placing your bottles and other pieces of glass into the container, it’s easy to start recycling glass at home.

The recycling center will separate the glass by color and type to ensure the best results in glass recycling. Colored glass can only be turned into glass of the same color, and that means that clear glass is the only thing type of recycled glass that will make new, clear glass.

The center will then clean the glass and crush it into cullet. The cullet is the material that is then able to become new glass.

Alphabetical List of Glass Recycling Items: